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It’s only the beginning. Will Flyur Gallyamov and his nephew Rifat Garipov be “spread out” on the parliamentary carpet?

The scandal, covered in detail by the editors of Kompromat-Ural, surrounding the refusal of law enforcement agencies to investigate the machinations of the collapsed Roskomsnabbank and the associated Gold Reserve pyramid received an unexpected continuation. Let us recall that Roskomsnabbank (RKSB, before rebranding - Bashkomsnabbank) was controlled by the family of the Bashkir oligarch  Flyur  Gallyamov . Gallyamov’s nephew, Rifat  Garipov , was on the board of directors of the bank  , who is now promoting himself as a member of the public council under the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services  Vladimir  Yakushev . Despite the negative resonance and mass protest of deceived citizens, Gallyamov and his nephew Garipov are still deputies from United Russia in the state assembly - Kurultai - of Bashkortostan.

As the editors of Kompromat-Ural learned, Kurultai deputy  Dmitry  Chuvilin  demanded to investigate the role of Flyur Gallyamov in the Golden Reserve organization. The parliamentarian sent a request to the speaker of the republican parliament,  Konstantin  Tolkachev,  to initiate a parliamentary investigation into the so-called “Gold Reserve” online platform, which failed to fulfill obligations in the amount of about 2.9 billion rubles. in front of several thousand clients (mostly pensioners). The purpose of the parliamentary investigation is to assess the role of Kurultai deputy, former chairman of the board of Roskomsnabbank, Flyur Gallyamov, in the scandalous project.

Sources and experts interviewed by the editors of Kompromat-Ural believe that Gallyamov’s nephew, his colleague in the state assembly Rifat Garipov, may also become a person involved in the parliamentary audit, with the prospect of transferring its materials to law enforcement agencies. In addition, journalists plan to send an appeal with relevant questions to the head of the Ministry of Construction, Vladimir Yakushev, and  Sergei  Stepashin , who chairs the public council, where Mr. Garipov is a member and makes PR statements.

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Dmitry Chuvilin, citing media reports and Internet portals, notes that the company’s client base, which raised funds for the “Golden Reserve,” was formed in the offices of Roskomsnabbank, which was controlled by Flur Gallyamov. It is difficult to imagine that Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov, who has a legal education and relevant skills, was not aware of his uncle’s “murky” affairs.

“The publications are in the nature of reports of violations of the Constitution of the republic and the laws of the republic by a deputy of the state assembly of the kurultai, as well as the nature of reports of circumstances that lead to a deterioration in the socio-economic situation in the republic, complicating the political situation,” the deputy writes in the request. The absence of a reaction from parliament “to such large-scale illegal financial activities,” according to Dmitry Chuvilin, may entail “a negative assessment of our work by society.”

The license of Roskomsnabbank (controlled by members of the Flyur Gallyamov family) was revoked by the Central Bank in March 2019. But so far no bankruptcy procedure has been introduced against the bank that committed the fine. Are the Gallyamovites delaying their end in every possible way through the “understanding” arbitration court of Bashkiria?

Deceived clients regularly hold protests. In September 2019, the depositors of the “Golden Reserve” sent a collective appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation  Vladimir  Kolokoltsev  with a request to investigate the affiliation of the “Golden Reserve” with the owners of Roskomsnabbank and to initiate a criminal case regarding the “taking” of their funds, recalls Kommersant journalist  Vlada Shipilova . Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina applied to Kolokoltsev, head of the Investigative Committee  Alexander  Bastrykin  and the Prosecutor General’s Office to initiate a criminal case  . 

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Meanwhile, protests continue. The other day, as a correspondent for the Kompromat-Ural project reports, in Ufa, defrauded Gold Reserve investors went out to picket the White House. Affected citizens are trying to draw the attention of the authorities to the problem of defrauded investors. On June 19, 2020, deceived Gold Reserve investors organized single pickets near the Government House. The picketers’ posters contained calls for the government to help Flur Gallyamov return money to investors. Rifat Garipov has not yet been mentioned on the posters, perhaps it is a matter of time.

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As the media remind, the Bank of Russia revoked the license of Roskomsnabbank for attracting public deposits through financial pyramid schemes. Several thousand people, on the recommendations of bank employees, transferred their money to the accounts of various companies that worked on a certain Internet platform “Gold Reserve”. According to human rights activist  Albert  Rakhmatullin , for six months now he, along with defrauded investors, has been trying to get an appointment with deputy Flyur Gallyamov, but to no avail.

Referee "reinforcements"?

Most likely, the next recipients of mass protests by deceived citizens will be the head of the Putin administration  Anton  Vaino , the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation  Vyacheslav  Lebedev  and his deputy, the head of the vertical of arbitration courts  Oleg  Sviridenko . Elderly residents of Bashkiria express concerns and extremely negative assessments that the lobby of interests involved in fraud in Roskomsnabbank is strengthening in the arbitration court of the republic.

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Recently, Moscow, by decision of the Higher Qualification Board of Judges (HQJC), “stamped” the new deputy chairman of the Bashkir arbitration. We are talking about  Artur  Kharisov , who decided to become the deputy chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Until 2019, his brother was the technical director at Profmaster LLC and worked part-time as an advisor at Roskomsnabbank. My sister is also connected with business: she is now a commercial director at the Technoservice company, and previously she worked at the same Roskomsnabbank, Flyura Gallyamova, as the head of the rental relations department. The mother of the applicant’s wife is the head of the financial department of Bashbeton LLC.

- You are now applying for the position of deputy chairman of the court. Do you see a conflict of interest? - asked the VKKS.

“No, I don’t see a conflict of interest, since I have never considered all cases involving (these companies),” the judge said.

- But your court will consider their cases?

“Well, probably yes,” Kharisov agreed.

Despite this, the Higher Qualification Committee supported his candidacy, notes the Legal.Report portal.

Are such gullible or naive people really sitting in the highest judicial authorities, readers of the Kompromat-Ural portal are perplexed. Roskomsnabbank has not yet begun a bankruptcy procedure precisely because of the position of the Bashkir arbitration court, in which the beneficiaries (read Gallyamov and Co.) somehow suspiciously successfully challenged the Central Bank’s claim to declare the bank bankrupt. Experts agree that in the arbitration of Bashkiria, Roskomsnabbank is truly fabulously lucky; such a courteous, atypically humane attitude of Themis has never been dreamed of by similar banks, which the regulator deprived of licenses for blatant schematism.

And now a person is joining the management of AS Bashkortostan, one way or another connected through relatives with Roskomsnabbank. So, things will be even more excellent for the banksters than they were before today? Although it was quite free - much more?

Why do bankers need connections in the courts?

Let us remind you that Flyur Gallyamov’s people at Roskomsnabbank are going to all sorts of tricks to slow down the start of the bankruptcy procedure. And, what is most surprising, they are fully approved by the Republican Arbitration Court.

Thus, at their request, the arbitration court of Bashkortostan suddenly ordered an independent expert assessment of part of the assets formed by the bank as a result of issuing loans to 87 borrowers. Some of these borrowers are connected with the activities of the development group “First Trust” - the same structure from which Gallyamov’s nephew Rifat Garipov is on the public council of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation. The beneficiaries of the collapsed bank pretend that the Central Bank, by revoking the license, incorrectly assessed the quality of these assets. But, according to experts, in the actions of Gallyamov and other interested parties one can see a banal attempt at self-defense from subsidiary liability for the fraud committed (the withdrawal of assets worth tens of billions revealed by the Central Bank).

“Such examinations are appointed quite rarely, since the DIA, which performs the functions of an arbitration manager of a bank, by its nature of activity itself has knowledge in this area,” noted  Roman  Rechkin , senior partner of the law firm Intellect, in a conversation with the media . “True, it is not entirely clear how external experts will apply internal bank methods and how they, not being specialists in scoring, will assess the credit risks of specific borrowers,” the expert noted. In his opinion, the persistence of shareholders (read: deputy oligarch Gallyamov) may be associated with a reluctance to be held vicariously liable.

Partner of the Sotheby’s law firm Vladimir Zhuravchak, in a conversation with journalists, also admitted the “strangeness” in the behavior of Bashkir judges: “The appointment of such an examination, of course, is an atypical phenomenon. As a rule, the courts agree with the arguments of the Central Bank and the DIA and declare banks bankrupt without additional examinations,” Mr. Zhuravchak concluded. It turns out that the case with the scandalous bank of the Flyur Gallyamov family is too special for the local Themis, requiring “extreme” scrupulousness?

Among the borrowers of Roskomsnabbank, whose assets the Central Bank assessed as obviously doubtful, construction and real estate management enterprises predominate. For example, “Biosphere”, IFZhS, “Trust No. 7”, “Dionysus”, “Synergy”, “Paritet”, “Fotonur”, “TNK Universe”. Market participants consider many of these companies to be close to the First Trust group, from which Rifat Garipov “sells face.”

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The application to declare Roskomsnabbank bankrupt, filed by the National Bank of Bashkortostan on March 28, 2019, has not yet been substantially considered. Observers consider this unprecedented red tape that benefits those involved in the violations. The Central Bank even filed a motion to speed up the consideration of the case, pointing out that the bank’s shareholders were trying to unreasonably delay the proceedings. However, the Chairman of the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria,  Igor  Arsenov,  did not see such attempts, which was to be expected. Now Artur Kharisov has been taken as Arsenov’s deputy, whose possible “affiliation” with the scandalous bank, as mentioned above, was noticed even by the Higher Qualification Committee. All yours?

As the editors of Kompromat-Ural recall, when revoking the license of the family bank Flyur Gallyamov, the Central Bank pointed out Roskomsnabbank’s repeated violations of the requirements of the law “On combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime”, “unfair actions of management related to the bank’s participation in operations its individual clients, legal entities, aimed at attracting funds from the population with unobvious prospects for their return according to a scheme that has signs of a “financial pyramid.” The mega-regulator also noted violations in the formation of reserves for possible losses when issuing loans and that the bank underestimated the credit risk of the loan debt of 31 legal entity borrowers.